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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Rafat, 800629 B0000629 New Entrant India
Raghavacharya, A V V 500352 TG000352 Local Master India
Raghavan, Vinoth Kumar 401597 BM001597 New Entrant India
Raha, Sanjay 707544 WB007544 New Entrant India
Rahman, Md Moshiur 988012 BAN&500039 Bangladesh
Rahman, Sk. Aminur 988005 BAN&500057 Bangladesh
Rai, Anupam 480234 MP000234 New Entrant India
Rai, Archana 110554 D0000554 New Entrant India
Rai, Ashok Kumar 110555 D0000555 New Entrant India
Rai, Kamleshwar 240095 UTR00095 New Entrant India
Raj, Animesh 800251 B0000251 Senior Master India
Rajagopal, R 610113 TM000113 New Entrant India
Rajagopala Rao, S 500387 TG000387 National Master India
Rajasekhar, Guthi 610486 TM000486 New Entrant India
Rajeev, S 630059 TD000059 New Entrant India
Rajeev, Sukumaran 690106 K0000106 Senior Master India
Rajendra, G 560209 KS000209 Life Master India
Rajgariah, P K 110413 D0000413 New Entrant India
Rajkumar, Prahalad 610462 TM000462 National Master India
Rajkumar, R 610119 TM000119 National Master India
Rajkumar, Raghavendra 610480 TM000480 Senior Master India
Rajmohan, N 400210 BM000210 Advance Life Master India
Ram, Umesh 800164 B0000164 New Entrant India
Ramachandra Rao, V 520010 APS00010 National Master India
Ramamohan Rao, B 500378 TG000378 National Master India
Raman, Ravi 401520 BM001520 National Master India
Ramana Murthy, J V 520009 APS00009 Master India
Ramani, R V 560211 KS000211 National Master India
Ramani, T V 400211 BM000211 Life Master India
Rambabu, Raja 520056 APS00056 New Entrant India
Ramjee, P T 560044 KS000044 Local Master India
Ramkumar, V 610506 TM000506 Senior Master India
Ramratnam, S 410391 PM000391 New Entrant India
Ranchan, Vijay 380068 GTA00068 Senior Master India
Rangarajan, C 610448 TM000448 Senior Master India
Rao, G Veerabhadra 500528 TG000528 Life Master India
Rao, K S 510703 AP000703 Master India
Rastogi, Bhupendra N 220231 UP000231 Life Master India
Rastogi, Shantanu 220632 UP000632 Senior Master India
Rathore, Suniti 300350 RJ000350 Master India
Ratnesh, 800116 B0000116 Local Master India
Rattan, V K 220312 UP000312 New Entrant India
Ravichandran, L 610270 TM000270 Senior Master India
Ravichandran, V 401242 BM001242 Master India
Ravindran, V 110401 D0000401 New Entrant India
Ray, Debabrata 707368 WB007368 New Entrant India
Ray, Debasish 700154 WB000154 Grand Master India
Ray, Rajendra 707154 WB007154 Local Master India
Ray, Sudipta 707533 WB007533 New Entrant India
Reddy, K Srinivas 500450 TG000450 National Master India
Rehan, Ram Pal 110543 D0000543 New Entrant India
Relan, Uma 110476 D0000476 New Entrant India
Rele, Amod C 400768 BM000768 Life Master India
Riamsree, Asdang 966003 THA&500084 Thailand
Richhariya, S K 480833 MP000833 Local Master India
Rimstedt, Mikael 946009 SWE88184 Sweden
Rimstedt, Ola 946008 SWE88183 Sweden
Ripon, Md. Rashedul Hasan 988013 BAN1710 Bangladesh
Rogov, Dmitry 907012 RUS&500123 Russia
Rohera, Mahesh 401541 BM001541 Local Master India
Routh, Suman 707674 WB007674 New Entrant India
Roy, Akhilesh 707923 WB007923 New Entrant India
Roy, Amal 701587 WB001587 Senior Master India
Roy, Arabinda 703501 WB003501 National Master India
Roy, Avik 707762 WB007762 New Entrant India
Roy, B 240022 UTR00022 Master India
Roy, Bikash 988023 BAN&500083 Bangladesh
Roy, Bipul Kumar 705958 WB005958 New Entrant India
Roy, Biswadip 702548 WB002548 Master India
Roy, Bittu 703748 WB003748 New Entrant India
Roy, Chitra 110306 D0000306 New Entrant India
Roy, Gautam 780972 ASM00972 New Entrant India
Roy, Joy Narayan 706974 WB006974 Life Master India
Roy, Kalyan Kumar 706469 WB006469 New Entrant India
Roy, Kamal Kumar 700058 WB000058 Grand Master India
Roy, Karuna 706623 WB006623 New Entrant India
Roy, Kishore Kanti 706972 WB006972 Master India
Roy, Manik 707580 WB007580 New Entrant India
Roy, Nirmal 705417 WB005417 Local Master India
Roy, Pallab 707348 WB007348 Local Master India
Roy, Pallab Sinha 707369 WB007369 New Entrant India
Roy, Pralay 707597 WB007597 New Entrant India
Roy, Pranab 705327 WB005327 Life Master India
Roy, Probhat 706936 WB006936 Master India
Roy, Probhat Kumar 701252 WB001252 Master India
Roy, R 490070 CG000070 New Entrant India
Roy, Rajib 707902 WB007902 New Entrant India
Roy, Rakesh 110242 D0000242 Local Master India
Roy, Rana 703517 WB003517 Grand Master India
Roy, Sagnik 707811 WB007811 National Master India
Roy, Sameer 440221 NM000221 Senior Master India
Roy, Sanat 701037 WB001037 National Master India
Roy, Sanjib 707906 WB007906 New Entrant India
Roy, Santanu 707512 WB007512 Local Master India
Roy, Shakti Pada 704594 WB004594 National Master India
Roy, Shymal 701673 WB001673 New Entrant India
Roy, Snehasish 701242 WB001242 Grand Master India
Roy, Subhasis 701238 WB001238 National Master India
Roy, Sujit 490094 CG000094 New Entrant India
Roy, Sujit 701777 WB001777 New Entrant India
Roy, Tapan Kumar 704252 WB004252 National Master India
Roy, Tapan Kumar 707122 WB007122 New Entrant India
Roy, Tapan Kumar 701567 WB001567 Life Master India
Roy, Tapas Kumar 701767 WB001767 Local Master India
Roy, Uday Shankar 706107 WB006107 New Entrant India
Roy Choudhury, Sushil 701930 WB001930 New Entrant India
Roy Chowdhury, Kalyan 704164 WB004164 New Entrant India
Roy Chowdhury, Prodip Kumar 707863 WB007863 New Entrant India
Roy Chowdhury, T K 110506 D0000506 New Entrant India
Roychoudhury, Debabrata (Gora) 704444 WB004444 Local Master India
Roychowdhury, Deshasmriti 701719 WB001719 Senior Master India
Roychowdhury, Rabi Sankar 703974 WB003974 Master India
Roychowdhury, Siddhartha 701117 WB001117 National Master India
Ruchka, Vitaly 907008 RUS&500130 Russia
Rudakov, Evgeny 907009 RUS&500131 Russia