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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Machhar, Sunil 401000 BM001000 Senior Life Master India
Madane, Lakshmi Kant N 440572 NM000572 New Entrant India
Madanmohan Rao, G 520062 APS00062 Local Master India
Madhukar, B S 610290 TM000290 Senior Master India
Mahadar, Ajit 410360 PM000360 Local Master India
Mahajan, Anup 705876 WB005876 New Entrant India
Mahajan, Sneh 110437 D0000437 New Entrant India
Mahajan, Sunil 110328 D0000328 New Entrant India
Mahata, Biswajit 707647 WB007647 Local Master India
Mahata, Subhas 707648 WB007648 Local Master India
Maheswari, Subodh 707885 WB007885 New Entrant India
Mahmood, Zia 901003 USAO426271 United States
Maity, Pintu 707376 WB007376 New Entrant India
Maity, Sahadev 707267 WB007267 New Entrant India
Majeed, Afshar 690003 K0000003 Master India
Majhi, Arun Kumar 704782 WB004782 New Entrant India
Majumdar, Chandra Shekhar 704440 WB004440 Grand Master India
Majumdar, J K 401163 BM001163 New Entrant India
Majumdar, Jay Kumar 707370 WB007370 Local Master India
Majumdar, Sanjib 705923 WB005923 National Master India
Majumdar, Subir 703051 WB003051 Grand Master India
Majumder, Arjun Kumar 701514 WB001514 New Entrant India
Majumder, D V 300377 RJ000377 Senior Master India
Majumder, Debabrata 703643 WB003643 Grand Master India
Majumder, Dipak Kumar 701177 WB001177 New Entrant India
Majumder, Mihir Ranjan 707270 WB007270 New Entrant India
Majumder, Pranay 703596 WB003596 Senior Master India
Majumder, Ramkrishna 705074 WB005074 Life Master India
Majumder, Sabyasachi 707253 WB007253 New Entrant India
Majumder, Sarasij 110219 D0000219 Local Master India
Majumder, Subir 707988 WB007988 New Entrant India
Majumder, Tanmoy 707822 WB007822 New Entrant India
Malhotra, Ashis 706743 WB006743 Life Master India
Malhotra, Baneet Kumar 706742 WB006742 Senior Master India
Malhotra, Bina 110559 D0000559 New Entrant India
Malhotra, Deepak 110577 D0000577 New Entrant India
Malhotra, S R 110073 D0000073 Senior Master India
Malhotra, Sunil 110425 D0000425 New Entrant India
Malkawi, Sakher 996202 JOR&500044 Jordan
Mallik, Bhaskar Chandra 750047 O0000047 Local Master India
Manchanda, Gayatri 110534 D0000534 New Entrant India
Mandal, Anukul 110314 D0000314 Senior Master India
Mandal, Prasanta Kumar 701384 WB001384 New Entrant India
Mandal, T K 240101 UTR00101 Local Master India
Mango, Jeroo 400918 BM000918 Life Master India
Manna, Gopinath 401459 BM001459 Senior Life Master India
Manna, Prosenjit 707831 WB007831 Local Master India
Manno, Andrea 939007 ITAMNR318 Italy
Manohar, Murli 110500 D0000500 Local Master India
Manu, Mitresh 800041 B0000041 New Entrant India
Marwah, Rajinder K 110036 D0000036 New Entrant India
Marwaha, Vishal 110583 D0000583 New Entrant India
Masood, Tahir 992008 PAK&500030 Pakistan
Mata, Rajen 110470 D0000470 New Entrant India
Mathew, Simon 110374 D0000374 New Entrant India
Mathur, K P 300014 RJ000014 Master India
Matthen, Vanaja 560958 KS000958 New Entrant India
Matushko, George 907007 RUS&500096 Russia
Mazhar, Masood 992003 PAK&500113 Pakistan
Mazumder, Goutam 704200 WB004200 Master India
McAllister, John 901001 USA9420223 United States
Medhekar, Avi Y 400165 BM000165 Senior Master India
Mehra, G N 110444 D0000444 New Entrant India
Mehra, Kamla 110445 D0000445 New Entrant India
Mehra, Nicky 110481 D0000481 New Entrant India
Mehta, Ashwini 110294 D0000294 Senior Master India
Mehta, D M 300087 RJ000087 Senior Master India
Mehta, Deepika 110523 D0000523 New Entrant India
Mehta, Mohit Kumar 705993 WB005993 Local Master India
Mehta, Naresh 610502 TM000502 Local Master India
Mehta, Pankaj 220644 UP000644 National Master India
Mehta, Raksha 610501 TM000501 Local Master India
Mehta, Subhash Prakash 110542 D0000542 New Entrant India
Mehta, Vikrant 401540 BM001540 Master India
Menezes, Deone 550023 GA000023 Local Master India
Mhaiskar, J D 450114 TBM00114 New Entrant India
Micescu, Viorel 940004 ROM200 Romania
Mihai, Geta 940002 ROM630 Romania
Mihai, Radu 940003 ROM&500104 Romania
Mihov, Vladimir 935911 BUL10023 Bulgaria
Milne, Liam 961002 AUS774596 Australia
Milner, Reese 901010 USAQ403295 United States
Miranda, Ronald 401533 BM001533 Master India
Mirza, Parvez 992015 PAK&500036 Pakistan
Mishra, Pramod Kumar 750219 O0000219 Master India
Mishra, R P 160048 CH000048 New Entrant India
Misra, R S 220815 UP000815 Local Master India
Mitra, Abishek 707774 WB007774 New Entrant India
Mitra, Anirban 706860 WB006860 Senior Master India
Mitra, Chandan Kumar 701614 WB001614 Master India
Mitra, Goutam C 707847 WB007847 New Entrant India
Mitra, Partha Pratim 702621 WB002621 New Entrant India
Mitra, Somik 707551 WB007551 New Entrant India
Mitra, Somnath 701727 WB001727 Master India
Mitra, Sovan 701057 WB001057 National Master India
Mittal, Som 300304 RJ000304 Local Master India
Mittal, Subhash Chandra 220322 UP000322 New Entrant India
Mittal, Vimal 480124 MP000124 New Entrant India
Modak, Pallavi 410375 PM000375 New Entrant India
Moghe, Tushar 110341 D0000341 Local Master India
Mohan, Asha 110513 D0000513 New Entrant India
Mohan, Vinay 480129 MP000129 Local Master India
Mohan Rao, V 500113 TG000113 National Master India
Mohandass, O K 110037 D0000037 Local Master India
Mohanty, Braj Kishore 750076 O0000076 Master India
Mohapatra, Benu Dhar 750025 O0000025 New Entrant India
Mohiuddin, Hamed 992001 PAK01 Pakistan
Mohiuddin, Khaled 992004 PAK&500086 Pakistan
Mohota, Anil 440613 NM000613 New Entrant India
Mohota, Anurag 440611 NM000611 Master India
Mohota, Basant K 440315 NM000315 Life Master India
Mohta, Pradip 707746 WB007746 New Entrant India
Moin, S M 800038 B0000038 Life Master India
Molla, Bohran Ali 750366 O0000366 New Entrant India
Mondal, Alok Kumar 701138 WB001138 Local Master India
Mondal, Anil 707516 WB007516 New Entrant India
Mondal, Ayan 702000 WB002000 Local Master India
Mondal, Bijon Kumar 707409 WB007409 Local Master India
Mondal, Biplab 703625 WB003625 Senior Master India
Mondal, Moloy 705368 WB005368 Master India
Mondal, Pradip 707410 WB007410 New Entrant India
Mondal, Salil 701544 WB001544 New Entrant India
Mondal, Sushanta Kumar 701383 WB001383 New Entrant India
Morath, Anders 946011 SWE4664 Sweden
Mossop, David 944004 ENG&500554 England
Mukherje, Sudipta 707522 WB007522 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Amitava 300388 RJ000388 Local Master India
Mukherjee, Asim Kumar 701197 WB001197 Grand Master India
Mukherjee, Biswajit 750074 O0000074 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Brahmajyoti 702783 WB002783 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Dilip 707929 WB007929 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Goutam 704165 WB004165 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Kajal 701168 WB001168 National Master India
Mukherjee, Kalyan 707992 WB007992 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Kamal Krishna 700006 WB000006 Grand Master India
Mukherjee, Koushik 560759 KS000759 National Master India
Mukherjee, Manas 700777 WB000777 Grand Master India
Mukherjee, Mithun 707561 WB007561 Local Master India
Mukherjee, Montu 490051 CG000051 Master India
Mukherjee, Mrinal Kanti 703147 WB003147 Life Master India
Mukherjee, Pappu 707941 WB007941 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Partha Sarathi 706947 WB006947 Senior Master India
Mukherjee, Partho Sarathi 703807 WB003807 Advance Life Master India
Mukherjee, Prasun Kumar 706704 WB006704 Advance Life Master India
Mukherjee, Probhat 707656 WB007656 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Raj Kumar 707818 WB007818 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Sanjay 707703 WB007703 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Satyabrata 701561 WB001561 Advance Life Master India
Mukherjee, Shyama Prasad 707572 WB007572 New Entrant India
Mukherjee, Sumit 705399 WB005399 Grand Master India
Mukherjee, Tapas 700190 WB000190 Advance Life Master India
Mukhopadhyay, D 220582 UP000582 New Entrant India
Muller, Renata 938501 CRO11110 Croatia (Hrvatska)
Mullick, Joyrup 707287 WB007287 Senior Master India
Mullick, Moti 110576 D0000576 New Entrant India
Mundra, M M 300271 RJ000271 Local Master India
Murali Krishna, D 520107 APS00107 Master India
Murali Mohan, N 500254 TG000254 New Entrant India
Murthy, T V G K 500251 TG000251 Senior Master India
Mutreja, Daleep 110069 D0000069 Senior Master India
Mutreja, Vinod Kumar 110051 D0000051 Master India