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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Kabiraj, Netai Pada 701301 WB001301 Advance Life Master India
Kabra, Kamal 400901 BM000901 Local Master India
Kadian, Ajay 130020 HRL00020 India
Kalra, Anil 110561 D0000561 New Entrant India
Kalra, Nilofer 110560 D0000560 New Entrant India
Kamal, Nikita 110326 D0000326 Senior Master India
Kamruzzaman, A H M 988010 BAN&500061 Bangladesh
Kanal, M L 480677 MP000677 New Entrant India
Kannan, R 630012 TD000012 Life Master India
Kapadia, Khushru 401535 BM001535 Master India
Kapila, R.K. 110467 D0000467 New Entrant India
Kapoor, Madhu 401606 BM001606 New Entrant India
Kapoor, P S 300363 RJ000363 Master India
Kapoor, S K 240105 UTR00105 New Entrant India
Kapur, Deepa 110573 D0000573 New Entrant India
Kapur, Puneet 110597 D0000597 New Entrant India
Kar, Souvik 707759 WB007759 Local Master India
Kar, Surendra Nath 750299 O0000299 Local Master India
Karandikar, Sushma 410390 PM000390 New Entrant India
Karkarey, Shirish 410268 PM000268 Senior Master India
Karmarkar, Marianne 400549 BM000549 National Master India
Karmarkar, Sandeep N 400907 BM000907 Senior Life Master India
Kartik, 610206 TM000206 New Entrant India
Karunakar Reddy, K 500202 TG000202 National Master India
Karunaratne, Y R 994006 SRI&500022 Sri Lanka
Kashelkar, Pravin 401515 BM001515 New Entrant India
Kaul, Ravi 110511 D0000511 New Entrant India
Kaushik, Sharat K 560876 KS000876 Master India
Kayal, Bhudar Chandra 705304 WB005304 Local Master India
Kayal, Ram Chandra 707816 WB007816 New Entrant India
Kazantsev, Oleg 907011 RUS&500055 Russia
Kejriwal, Ram Prakash 500386 TG000386 Advance Life Master India
Kejriwal, Ratan Lal 400010 BM000010 Senior Life Master India
Kejriwal, Satya Narain 700554 WB000554 Local Master India
Kekre, C V 480713 MP000713 Local Master India
Kelkar, Makarand Devendra 410355 PM000355 Local Master India
Keni, Prasad V 550015 GA000015 Master India
Khadloya, Ranga 340014 SO000014 National Master India
Khaitan, Manju 160091 CH000091 New Entrant India
Khaleeque, 220163 UP000163 New Entrant India
Khambete, Rahul 401554 BM001554 Local Master India
Khan, Dipanjan 707993 WB007993 New Entrant India
Khan, I 750120 O0000120 Master India
Khan, Ibrat 300368 RJ000368 Local Master India
Khan, Pinaki Prasad 705644 WB005644 Life Master India
Khan, Sarfaraz Ahmed 992009 PAK&500044 Pakistan
Khan, Tariq Rashid 992016 PAK&500055 Pakistan
Khandelwal, Himani 440436 NM000436 National Master India
Khandelwal, Rajeev 440040 NM000040 Life Master India
Khandheria, Natasha 110483 D0000483 Local Master India
Khanna, D N 110398 D0000398 New Entrant India
Khanna, Deepak K 110372 D0000372 New Entrant India
Khanna, Kuldip 140006 PBA00006 New Entrant India
Khanna, Ramesh C 110283 D0000283 New Entrant India
Khanna, Suman 110284 D0000284 New Entrant India
Khanolkar, Sriram Bhikaji 401537 BM001537 Local Master India
Khare, Ajay P 400699 BM000699 Grand Master India
Khare, R W 401125 BM001125 National Master India
Khare, T P 220668 UP000668 Senior Master India
Khayer, Md Abul 988016 BAN02 Bangladesh
Khemka, Alok 110516 D0000516 New Entrant India
Kher, Arun Prabhakar 480065 MP000065 Master India
Kher, Hemant A 410060 PM000060 Local Master India
Kher, Nisha 110556 D0000556 New Entrant India
Khiuppenen, Yury 907004 RUS&500058 Russia
Khokhlov, Youri 907005 RUS&500060 Russia
Kholomeev, Vadim 907006 RUS&500061 Russia
Khosla, Maya 110575 D0000575 New Entrant India
Khosla, S K 300057 RJ000057 Local Master India
Khubchand, Vivan 110469 D0000469 New Entrant India
Kiljan, Veri 931002 NED10577384 Netherlands
Kirubakaramoorthy, N R 610066 TM000066 Senior Life Master India
Kler, Dami 110572 D0000572 New Entrant India
Kochar, Madhu 110369 D0000369 New Entrant India
Kokubo, Mutsue 981003 JPN03 Japan
Kolathaya, Vasanth 560570 KS000570 Senior Master India
Konda, Devidas 340063 SO000063 New Entrant India
Korde, Pradeep 410392 PM000392 New Entrant India
Kothari, Ninochaka 110514 D0000514 New Entrant India
Kothari, Nirmal C 480775 MP000775 New Entrant India
Kothari, Usha Thakur 110293 D0000293 Local Master India
Kothiwal, Deepak 220645 UP000645 Master India
Koyal, Sukumar 706896 WB006896 Local Master India
Krishna, Harish B 370052 GTS00052 New Entrant India
Krishnakumar, K 610401 TM000401 National Master India
Krishnakumar, R 610475 TM000475 New Entrant India
Krishnamoorthy, S 680013 TY000013 Local Master India
Krishnamurthy, Kannan 610514 TM000514 New Entrant India
Krishnan, Ramaratnam 610071 TM000071 Grand Master India
Krishnan, S 400405 BM000405 National Master India
Krishnan, V 560147 KS000147 Life Master India
Kristinsson, Bjorgvin 935405 ISL&500063 Iceland
Kshirsagar, Alka M 410127 PM000127 Master India
Kshirsagar, Madhav A 410061 PM000061 Senior Master India
Kulkarni, Ashok V 400043 BM000043 Advance Life Master India
Kulkarni, Bhalchandra 420072 MN000072 Local Master India
Kulkarni, C M 560152 KS000152 National Master India
Kulkarni, Makarand N 410237 PM000237 National Master India
Kulkarni, Prakash 560453 KS000453 New Entrant India
Kumar, Amresh 800018 B0000018 Local Master India
Kumar, Anil Chandra 707517 WB007517 New Entrant India
Kumar, Arun 110454 D0000454 New Entrant India
Kumar, Birendra 800065 B0000065 New Entrant India
Kumar, C D 500076 TG000076 National Master India
Kumar, Dheeraj 220317 UP000317 New Entrant India
Kumar, Girish 800087 B0000087 National Master India
Kumar, Jagdish 110335 D0000335 New Entrant India
Kumar, Jaiswar 800004 B0000004 Senior Master India
Kumar, K C 800240 B0000240 New Entrant India
Kumar, Monu 220330 UP000330 New Entrant India
Kumar, Ravi 160022 CH000022 New Entrant India
Kumar, Santosh 110395 D0000395 New Entrant India
Kumar, Sujeet 800298 B0000298 New Entrant India
Kumar, Sunil 110535 D0000535 New Entrant India
Kumar, Suresh 110478 D0000478 New Entrant India
Kumar, Surinder 110592 D0000592 New Entrant India
Kumar, Vijay 110057 D0000057 Senior Master India
Kumar, Vipin 220328 UP000328 New Entrant India
Kundar, Prabha Y 401139 BM001139 India
Kundra, A K 140004 PBA00004 New Entrant India
Kundra, K K 140020 PBA00020 New Entrant India
Kundu, Amal 703516 WB003516 National Master India
Kundu, Asit Kumar 700720 WB000720 Advance Life Master India
Kundu, Rathindra Nath 705390 WB005390 Local Master India
Kuruvilla, Sindhu 560909 KS000909 New Entrant India
Kushari, Pritish 701414 WB001414 Grand Master India
Kushari, Sayantan 707757 WB007757 National Master India