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  • This site provides information regarding Bridge players registered on hcl-bridge.com. Various personal details, contact information and playing record in HCL bridge championships may be available here.
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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Habib, Md 988028 BAN07 Bangladesh
Hackett, Jason 944005 ENG35424 England
Hackett, Justin 944006 ENG48277 England
Hadi, Khurshid 992011 PAK&500017 Pakistan
Hajirnavis, Milind N 450085 TBM00085 Local Master India
Haldar, Dipankar 707574 WB007574 New Entrant India
Halder, Mrinal K 480730 MP000730 Local Master India
Handa, K K 220133 UP000133 New Entrant India
Handa, Rohan 110428 D0000428 New Entrant India
Handa, Shailendra 110427 D0000427 New Entrant India
Hanumantha Rao, M 500111 TG000111 Senior Master India
Haque, A K M Nazmul 988024 BAN&500084 Bangladesh
Haque, Shah Zia-Ul 988011 BAN&500032 Bangladesh
Harh, Ashim 701717 WB001717 Local Master India
Hari, Lata 610483 TM000483 Local Master India
Hari Agarwal, Om 220021 UP000021 Local Master India
Hasabnis, Milind S 440442 NM000442 New Entrant India
Hasan, Hasibul 706610 WB006610 Advance Life Master India
Hazra, Ananda 706665 WB006665 Local Master India
Hazra, Arijit 707170 WB007170 New Entrant India
Hegde, Prakah G 400374 BM000374 Life Master India
Hesh, Chandi 706862 WB006862 New Entrant India
Hingorani, Arjun 400887 BM000887 New Entrant India
Hirode, Girish 390072 GTB00072 Local Master India
Hooda, Surinder K 110079 D0000079 Senior Master India
Hossain, B M Mahmud 988001 BAN&500040 Bangladesh
Hossain, M Sakhawat 988002 BAN&500052 Bangladesh
Hossain, Md. Zahid 988004 BAN&500031 Bangladesh
Hossain, Saddam 988033 BAN10 Bangladesh
Hota, Personna 110541 D0000541 New Entrant India
Hu, Linlin 986001 CHN&500018 China
Hudait, Arup Kumar 707895 WB007895 New Entrant India
Hult, Simon 946006 SWE36107 Sweden
Hung, Andy Pei-en 961003 AUS615285 Australia
Hutahaean, David 962004 INA&500164 Indonesia
Hydes, Alexander 944003 ENG100702 England