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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Daga, Alok 702878 WB002878 Advance Life Master India
Dalal, Rajesh A 400033 BM000033 Senior Life Master India
Dalal, Rajul R 400601 BM000601 Senior Master India
Dalvi, Prakash 401029 BM001029 Advance Life Master India
Damianova, Diana 935908 BUL82 Bulgaria
Damle, Chandrashekhar K 410334 PM000334 Senior Master India
Damle, Sanjay A 400327 BM000327 National Master India
Danailov, Diyan 935904 BUL&500051 Bulgaria
Dang, Sandeep 610481 TM000481 Master India
Das, Amiya Ranjan 701700 WB001700 Senior Master India
Das, Ashis 780180 ASM00180 Local Master India
Das, Asim 707753 WB007753 New Entrant India
Das, Avijit 707437 WB007437 New Entrant India
Das, Badal 703406 WB003406 Grand Master India
Das, Biplab Kumar 707799 WB007799 New Entrant India
Das, Dibendu 704129 WB004129 Local Master India
Das, Dipak Kumar 704420 WB004420 Senior Master India
Das, Gopal 707511 WB007511 Local Master India
Das, Gouranga 700106 WB000106 Life Master India
Das, Goutam 706714 WB006714 Master India
Das, J P 220646 UP000646 New Entrant India
Das, Kajal Chandra 703407 WB003407 Senior Life Master India
Das, Kanak Jyoti 701902 WB001902 New Entrant India
Das, Mridul 781144 ASM01144 Local Master India
Das, Mrinal 707119 WB007119 Local Master India
Das, Nirod Baran 701645 WB001645 Senior Master India
Das, P K 490023 CG000023 Local Master India
Das, P K 480687 MP000687 New Entrant India
Das, Parimal 701154 WB001154 Senior Master India
Das, Phani Bhusan 707741 WB007741 New Entrant India
Das, Prabir 707475 WB007475 New Entrant India
Das, Pralay Kumar 707286 WB007286 New Entrant India
Das, Pramod Ranjan 703431 WB003431 Senior Master India
Das, Prasenjit 707481 WB007481 New Entrant India
Das, Pritam 707761 WB007761 Local Master India
Das, Ram Prasad 705971 WB005971 Master India
Das, S K 110429 D0000429 New Entrant India
Das, Saila Ranjan 703714 WB003714 Senior Master India
Das, Sailen 701804 WB001804 Master India
Das, Samir 707091 WB007091 Local Master India
Das, Sanjib 701963 WB001963 Local Master India
Das, Sarbeswar 220316 UP000316 New Entrant India
Das, Satya Ranjan 780057 ASM00057 National Master India
Das, Shouvik 707482 WB007482 Local Master India
Das, Soumitra 702061 WB002061 Local Master India
Das, Soumya 702019 WB002019 National Master India
Das, Sowmik 705753 WB005753 Senior Master India
Das, Subir 701984 WB001984 New Entrant India
Das, Subir 701863 WB001863 New Entrant India
Das, Subrata 705165 WB005165 New Entrant India
Das, Sukamal 701741 WB001741 Grand Master India
Das, Sukanta 707651 WB007651 Master India
Das, Sunil 707803 WB007803 New Entrant India
Das, Suraj 707282 WB007282 New Entrant India
Das, Surajit 705511 WB005511 Local Master India
Das, Tanmoy 707752 WB007752 New Entrant India
Das, Tapas 702612 WB002612 Local Master India
Das Gupta, Paresh Kumar 703927 WB003927 New Entrant India
Das sharma, Punya Kirti 700425 WB000425 National Master India
Dasgupta, Sanjay Kumar 701814 WB001814 New Entrant India
Dasgupta, Sumita 401574 BM001574 New Entrant India
Dasgupta, Tapas 701325 WB001325 Local Master India
Dash, Bholanath 750045 O0000045 New Entrant India
Dashputre, Atul 420092 MN000092 Local Master India
Dasmahapatra, Vedkantha 401575 BM001575 New Entrant India
Dass, Chanchal 510116 AP000116 Local Master India
Date, Hema 410389 PM000389 New Entrant India
Date, Sanjeev 410388 PM000388 New Entrant India
Datta, Abhijit 704822 WB004822 Local Master India
Datta, Bijit 707305 WB007305 Local Master India
Datta, Devangshu 110503 D0000503 New Entrant India
Datta, Poonam 110408 D0000408 New Entrant India
Datta, Pradipendra Mohan 707235 WB007235 New Entrant India
Datta, Ritabrata 705782 WB005782 Local Master India
Datta, Samir Kumar 706706 WB006706 New Entrant India
Datta, Sandip 705697 WB005697 Advance Life Master India
Datta, Sanjay 440121 NM000121 New Entrant India
Datta, Surajit Kumar 705136 WB005136 New Entrant India
Daxindas, Balchandra G 400334 BM000334 National Master India
Dayal, C 550003 GA000003 Master India
De, Mrinal 707573 WB007573 Local Master India
De, Swapan Kumar 706903 WB006903 National Master India
de Leon, Guy Mendes 931003 NED10781713 Netherlands
De Livera, Arjuna Percival 961013 AUS196134 Australia
de Michelis, Luca 939005 ITADMC012 Italy
Deb, Sambuddha 560824 KS000824 Master India
Deb Roy, Goutam 707136 WB007136 New Entrant India
Deodhar, Kaustabh S 380291 GTA00291 Senior Master India
Deora, Hema 400856 BM000856 Senior Master India
Desai, Sapan 380287 GTA00287 Advance Life Master India
Desai, Shashikala 380312 GTA00312 Master India
Desai, Vinay 400094 BM000094 Grand Master India
Deshmukh, Amol 450211 TBM00211 Senior Master India
Deshpande, Ajay 500008 TG000008 Master India
Deshpande, C P 410063 PM000063 National Master India
Deshpande, R P 440094 NM000094 Senior Master India
Deshpande, Vijay 440096 NM000096 Senior Master India
Deswal, Shri Krishan 110595 D0000595 New Entrant India
Dev Nath, Hari 707534 WB007534 New Entrant India
Deva, Yogendra 110540 D0000540 New Entrant India
Devadass, Vijay 610201 TM000201 Life Master India
Devendranath, T 500103 TG000103 Senior Master India
Dey, Amit 707994 WB007994 0 India
Dey, Arup Kumar 706669 WB006669 Master India
Dey, Ashok 707640 WB007640 Local Master India
Dey, Ashoke 707832 WB007832 New Entrant India
Dey, Avijit 707914 WB007914 New Entrant India
Dey, Bharati 702052 WB002052 National Master India
Dey, Bivash Kumar 780921 ASM00921 New Entrant India
Dey, D N 707982 WB007982 0 India
Dey, Dhananjoy 705559 WB005559 Local Master India
Dey, Dilip 707166 WB007166 New Entrant India
Dey, Dulal 707469 WB007469 Local Master India
Dey, G C 440212 NM000212 Local Master India
Dey, Manoj Kumar 702695 WB002695 National Master India
Dey, Mihir Kumar 707360 WB007360 New Entrant India
Dey, Pradip 707892 WB007892 New Entrant India
Dey, Pranab Kumar 701644 WB001644 Local Master India
Dey, Rabindra Nath 705374 WB005374 New Entrant India
Dey, Sanjit 707773 WB007773 Master India
Dey, Shathi Rangan 988026 BAN&500086 Bangladesh
Dey, Tushar Kanti 707653 WB007653 New Entrant India
Dhakras, Subhash A 400036 BM000036 Advance Life Master India
Dhaon, Daya 110405 D0000405 National Master India
Dhar, Amar Nath 703521 WB003521 New Entrant India
Dhar, Suchet 110538 D0000538 New Entrant India
Dhara, Arjun Kumar 707883 WB007883 New Entrant India
Dhariwal, Hazur Singh 160106 CH000106 New Entrant India
Dharmadhikari, Nitin M 410335 PM000335 Senior Master India
Dharni, Samuel 110308 D0000308 New Entrant India
Dhawan, Anoop 110424 D0000424 National Master India
Dhawan, Kavita 110431 D0000431 New Entrant India
Dhawan, Ranji 110517 D0000517 New Entrant India
Dhibar, Bamapada 707424 WB007424 New Entrant India
Dhody, Kanwal 110510 D0000510 New Entrant India
Dhupia, Saranjit Singh 110477 D0000477 New Entrant India
di Franco, Massimiliano 939004 ITADFN062 Italy
Di Sacco, Maurizio 939009 ITADSZ003 Italy
Diamond, Derek 944017 SCO2503 Scotland
Divakara Reddy, K 500104 TG000104 National Master India
Diwanji, Satish G 410149 PM000149 Master India
Dixit, Ashwini Kumar 380402 GTA00402 Master India
Djauhari, Kurniadi 962006 INADJ007 Indonesia
Dobrescu, Raluca Elena 940007 ROM780 Romania
Dolui, Himadri 707794 WB007794 New Entrant India
Domichi, Noriko 981005 JPN&500090 Jamaica
Doshi, Deven 401550 BM001550 Master India
Dua, H S 220311 UP000311 Local Master India
Dubey, R N 480223 MP000223 New Entrant India
Dubinin, Aleksandr 907002 RUS&500033 Russia
Duboin, Giorgio 939002 ITADBG012 Italy
Dudhane, Ravi L 550004 GA000004 Life Master India
Dugal, Meenu 110570 D0000570 New Entrant India
Duncan, Sandy 944020 SCO&500101 Scotland
Durgadas, K 560073 KS000073 Life Master India
Dutt, Sourendra Coomer 702516 WB002516 Life Master India
Dutta, Arup 702084 WB002084 Senior Master India
Dutta, Bikas 707820 WB007820 New Entrant India
Dutta, Biswajit 707088 WB007088 Senior Master India
Dutta, Nemai Chandra 701382 WB001382 New Entrant India
Dutta, Prabir Kumar 706955 WB006955 New Entrant India
Dutta, Priyabrata 701812 WB001812 New Entrant India
Dutta, Santi Ranjan 706422 WB006422 National Master India
Dutta, Sunil 701519 WB001519 Local Master India
Dutta, Swapan Kumar 704163 WB004163 New Entrant India
Dutta Gupta, Deborshi 707303 WB007303 New Entrant India
Dutta Roy, Anup 701774 WB001774 National Master India
Dutta Roy, Sounak 705551 WB005551 Local Master India