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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Babu, Ram 500374 TG000374 New Entrant India
Badrinath, C R 610437 TM000437 Senior Master India
Bafna, Premchand R 410007 PM000007 Life Master India
Bagadia, Ajay Kumar 706912 WB006912 National Master India
Bagaria, Sanjay 707709 WB007709 New Entrant India
Bagchi, Dilip Chandra 703884 WB003884 Senior Master India
Bagga, B K 110588 D0000588 New Entrant India
Bagga, Rakesh 220295 UP000295 New Entrant India
Bahal, Shalini 110461 D0000461 New Entrant India
Bahel, J S 140007 PBA00007 New Entrant India
Bahuguna, Maneesh 110495 D0000495 National Master India
Bahulkar, Arun 400054 BM000054 Senior Master India
Baisamut, Somchai 966004 THA&500096 Thailand
Bajaj, Chander 440140 NM000140 Master India
Bajoria, Hari Shankar 706298 WB006298 Advance Life Master India
Bajpai, N K 170009 HP000009 New Entrant India
Bakaya, Vasudha 110568 D0000568 New Entrant India
Bakeri , Rupa 380327 GTA00327 Senior Master India
Bakshi, Anuradha 110525 D0000525 New Entrant India
Bakshi, Jaspal S 110129 D0000129 Master India
Bakshi, Meera 110415 D0000415 New Entrant India
Balakrishna Rao, V 520015 APS00015 Master India
Balakumar, Velupillai 901008 USA&501545 United States
Balaram, A 510068 AP000068 National Master India
Baliarsingh, Ashok Kumar 750004 O0000004 Senior Master India
Ballav, Chiranjib 707345 WB007345 New Entrant India
Bandaranaike, Romesh 994003 SRI&500038 Sri Lanka
Bandi, K L 480156 MP000156 New Entrant India
Bandopadhyay, Sekhar K 707531 WB007531 Life Master India
Banerjee, A M 704780 WB004780 New Entrant India
Banerjee, Amar Nath 704754 WB004754 Grand Master India
Banerjee, Amitava 703600 WB003600 Local Master India
Banerjee, Arup 702681 WB002681 Local Master India
Banerjee, Gourav 702694 WB002694 National Master India
Banerjee, Goutam 702265 WB002265 Master India
Banerjee, Goutam 706692 WB006692 Local Master India
Banerjee, Partha 702585 WB002585 National Master India
Banerjee, Pinaki Ranjan 707446 WB007446 New Entrant India
Banerjee, Ranjan 706775 WB006775 New Entrant India
Banerjee, Samir 702602 WB002602 Senior Master India
Banerjee, Sanat 707342 WB007342 New Entrant India
Banerjee, Sekhar 705618 WB005618 Local Master India
Banerjee, Shyama Prasad 701912 WB001912 Local Master India
Banerjee, Suman 705699 WB005699 Local Master India
Banerjee, Swarnendu 704793 WB004793 Senior Life Master India
Banerjee, Totan 707566 WB007566 New Entrant India
Banerji, Nita 130027 HRL00027 New Entrant India
Banerji, Tapas K 130026 HRL00026 New Entrant India
Bangur, Hari Mohan 707641 WB007641 New Entrant India
Bansal, Anil Kumar 220241 UP000241 Local Master India
Bansal, Sheetal 110578 D0000578 New Entrant India
Bansidhar, Suman 110406 D0000406 New Entrant India
Bapat, Arun M 400834 BM000834 Grand Master India
Bardhan, Pranab 705724 WB005724 Grand Master India
Baroi, Pijus Kanti 701715 WB001715 Local Master India
Basak, Samir 704468 WB004468 Grand Master India
Basak, Sanjib 705700 WB005700 Local Master India
Basak, Sourav 707176 WB007176 New Entrant India
Basu, Goutam Kumar 707460 WB007460 Local Master India
Basu, Saumitra 706888 WB006888 Local Master India
Basu, Sujit 701136 WB001136 National Master India
Basu, Suvankar 707637 WB007637 New Entrant India
Basu Ray, Prasanta 701641 WB001641 Master India
Basu Roy, Arnab 707922 WB007922 New Entrant India
Basu Roy, Atish 110581 D0000581 New Entrant India
Batra, B N 220061 UP000061 Senior Master India
Batra, Puja 110462 D0000462 New Entrant India
Bavchine, Igor 907001 RUS&500013 Russia
Bedekar, Uday 400375 BM000375 Master India
Bedi, Ashok 110140 D0000140 Senior Master India
Bedi, Tusher 401547 BM001547 Senior Master India
Behera, Biren Mitra 750043 O0000043 National Master India
Behera, D N 750083 O0000083 Local Master India
Behera, Sankarsan 750279 O0000279 New Entrant India
Behura, Siddhartha 220251 UP000251 Master India
Behuria, Sarthak 170049 HP000049 Local Master India
Behuria, Sutanu 170037 HP000037 New Entrant India
Bendre, Kaustubh Milind 410297 PM000297 Senior Life Master India
Bera, Prasanta 705326 WB005326 Local Master India
Berkers, Bert 931007 NED591653 Netherlands
Bery, Sanjiv 110389 D0000389 New Entrant India
Bery, Vijit 110387 D0000387 New Entrant India
Bhadra, Debashis 701378 WB001378 Senior Master India
Bhagwati, Rita 110490 D0000490 New Entrant India
Bhakta, Jayanta 707802 WB007802 New Entrant India
Bhalla, Shiv Nath 110591 D0000591 New Entrant India
Bhand, Vivek 401385 BM001385 Life Master India
Bhandare, Pradeep R 550002 GA000002 Local Master India
Bhandari, Prakash 110435 D0000435 National Master India
Bhandari, S C 830015 JH000015 Senior Master India
Bhansali, S R 300034 RJ000034 Senior Master India
Bhar, Arun Kumar 701613 WB001613 Local Master India
Bhargava, D C 300359 RJ000359 Master India
Bhargava, M K 300088 RJ000088 Senior Master India
Bhargava, S S 300307 RJ000307 Local Master India
Bhargava, Umesh 300384 RJ000384 Master India
Bhargava, V P 110580 D0000580 New Entrant India
Bharihoke, Anil 110453 D0000453 Master India
Bharve, Pranav 901013 USA002 United States
Bhasin, Manju 110518 D0000518 New Entrant India
Bhaskar, Richa 110529 D0000529 New Entrant India
Bhaskara Rao, R 510084 AP000084 National Master India
Bhatia, Anand 110041 D0000041 Local Master India
Bhatia, Sunil 110280 D0000280 National Master India
Bhatnagar, Devi 110494 D0000494 Local Master India
Bhatnagar, R K 240075 UTR00075 Local Master India
Bhatnagar, Ram Prakash 240041 UTR00041 Master India
Bhatt, Anshul 401601 BM001601 New Entrant India
Bhattacharjee, Apurba 701726 WB001726 Life Master India
Bhattacharjee, Jaydeep 780846 ASM00846 Local Master India
Bhattacharjee, Manoj 706486 WB006486 New Entrant India
Bhattacharjee, Nantu 780604 ASM00604 Local Master India
Bhattacharjee, Nihar Ranjan 703885 WB003885 Master India
Bhattacharjee, Pradyut 706609 WB006609 Master India
Bhattacharjee, Pranab Kanta (Ranju) 701095 WB001095 Senior Master India
Bhattacharjee, Sanjib 705458 WB005458 Local Master India
Bhattacharjee, Subrata 705912 WB005912 New Entrant India
Bhattacharjee, Sujit Kumar 700900 WB000900 Advance Life Master India
Bhattacharjee, Tanmoy K 110343 D0000343 New Entrant India
Bhattacharjee, Tapan K 707499 WB007499 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, Anindya 707171 WB007171 Master India
Bhattacharya, Aniruddha 703693 WB003693 Advance Life Master India
Bhattacharya, Arindam 110499 D0000499 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, Aritra 707288 WB007288 Master India
Bhattacharya, Basu 705655 WB005655 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, Basudeb 704466 WB004466 National Master India
Bhattacharya, Kingshuk 703504 WB003504 Advance Life Master India
Bhattacharya, Nirmal C 220690 UP000690 Master India
Bhattacharya, Ranjan 110465 D0000465 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, S 220610 UP000610 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, Samir 702056 WB002056 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, Samiran 707563 WB007563 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, Saroj 707995 WB007995 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, Sarveswar 220560 UP000560 New Entrant India
Bhattacharya, Saswata 704456 WB004456 Senior Master India
Bhattacharya, Somesh 707192 WB007192 Senior Master India
Bhattacharya, Subir Kumar 401582 BM001582 New Entrant India
Bhattacharyya, Sanjoy 401510 BM001510 National Master India
Bhattacharyya, Sital 707996 WB007996 New Entrant India
Bhattacharyya, Suresh Ranjan 706076 WB006076 Life Master India
Bhaumik, Jnan Ranjan 702644 WB002644 New Entrant India
Bhavani, D 500049 TG000049 New Entrant India
Bhavnani, Ashok 401467 BM001467 Local Master India
Bhavnani, Subhash 400597 BM000597 National Master India
Bhide, P M 410023 PM000023 Senior Master India
Bhiwandkar, R G 400070 BM000070 Grand Master India
Bhosale, J K 401425 BM001425 Senior Master India
Bhosale, Pradeep A 400641 BM000641 National Master India
Bhowmick, Naru Gopal 701419 WB001419 Local Master India
Bhowmik, Alok Nath 110589 D0000589 New Entrant India
Bhuia, Sagar 704650 WB004650 Master India
Bhuyea, Milan 707739 WB007739 New Entrant India
Bijlani, S 110285 D0000285 Local Master India
Bijoor, Girish R 560034 KS000034 National Master India
Bilde, Dennis 945006 DEN78976 Denmark
Bilde, Dorte Cilleborg 945004 DEN19908 Denmark
Bilde, Morten 945002 DEN2289 Denmark
Bindra, Anuradha 110522 D0000522 New Entrant India
Biswas, Ashoke 701393 WB001393 National Master India
Biswas, Dinesh C 401501 BM001501 Local Master India
Biswas, Gautam 707861 WB007861 New Entrant India
Biswas, Gourav 707844 WB007844 New Entrant India
Biswas, Goutam 400647 BM000647 National Master India
Biswas, Jagadish 704449 WB004449 Advance Life Master India
Biswas, Paresh Chandra 705902 WB005902 Local Master India
Biswas, Samir Kumar 706728 WB006728 Master India
Biswas, Sanjib Kumar 705381 WB005381 New Entrant India
Bjerregard, Sven-Are 946010 SWE1058 Sweden
Bocchi, Norberto 939001 ITABCT008 Italy
Borpuzari, Dilip Kumar 780438 ASM00438 Local Master India
Bos, Harm 931008 NED1040663 Netherlands
Bose, Abhijit Kumar 707294 WB007294 Master India
Bose, Amar Kumar 220502 UP000502 Local Master India
Bose, Amit 700549 WB000549 Life Master India
Bose, Ashok Kumar 707457 WB007457 New Entrant India
Bose, Debashis 706859 WB006859 Life Master India
Bose, Pintoo K 220050 UP000050 Local Master India
Bosev, Stoycho 935909 BUL&500150 Bulgaria
Brahmachari, Ajay Kumar 700041 WB000041 Advance Life Master India
Brar, Jitender Singh 140017 PBA00017 New Entrant India
Brown, Matthew 964001 NZL&500150 New Zealand
Byrn, Radhika 985202 HKG02 Hong Kong