HCL - The HCL Bridge Championship

HCL Bridge Championship

HCL Bridge Championship

September 12 - 17, 2017
New Delhi

Bridge is a strategy game that teaches one to be of a tougher mindset, to use one's intellect to maximum capacity, communicate powerfully and to pursue victory diligently. It is these qualities that makes bridge a perfect fit for HCL.

HCL has been strongly supporting the game in India for the last fifteen years through the HCL International Bridge Championship held every year in New Delhi, India. The championship has seen one of the largest participation levels in the country, and it has grown every year. 2016 championship witnessed participations from over 600 players from 120 teams of which there were 10 international teams from US, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia and Jordan.

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Highlights from 2016 Championship

HCL Bridge Championship
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