HCL - Entries


  • Select the Event you wish to enter.
  • Enter the team name in case of team events. Team name must comprise 3 to 22 characters. Use only 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, ten digits (0,1,2,..), dot and space.
  • Select the number of players 4 to 6 for team events. No team with less than 4 players can be registered.
  • For pair events, only two names can be registered. Trios are not allowed.
  • Enter the Full Name of the players. Use only 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, dot and space.
  • Enter BFI Master Point Registration number for all players. This is compulsory for all Indian Bridge players.
  • Kindly provide the email address of the captain (preferably) for all communications.
  • Enter additonal information you may like to provide in Comments field.
  • Indian Bridge players who don't have BFI MP Registration Number must contact their state association to register with BFI.