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Name Player Id BFI MP No Category Country
Abbasi, Sultan Ali 220011 UP000011 Senior Master India
Abhyankar, Yogesh V 410152 PM000152 Local Master India
Abu Jaber, Aida 996201 JOR&500036 Jordan
Acharya, Narendra Kumar 750046 O0000046 New Entrant India
Acharya, Shankar 701790 WB001790 Senior Life Master India
Adhikari, Subrata 707649 WB007649 New Entrant India
Adhikary, Tapas Kumar 703865 WB003865 New Entrant India
Adhya, Biswarup 701733 WB001733 Senior Master India
Agarwal, Ajay Kumar 220377 UP000377 Local Master India
Agarwal, B K 220452 UP000452 Master India
Agarwal, Basant Kumar 220006 UP000006 Local Master India
Agarwal, C P 220584 UP000584 Master India
Agarwal, Indresh 220135 UP000135 Life Master India
Agarwal, Kailash 401431 BM001431 Master India
Agarwal, Madhu 110407 D0000407 New Entrant India
Agarwal, Paban 704108 WB004108 National Master India
Agarwal, R A 400064 BM000064 Senior Life Master India
Agarwal, R C 110024 D0000024 Master India
Agarwal, Raj Kumari 110450 D0000450 New Entrant India
Agarwal, Rajjan 220023 UP000023 India
Agarwal, S K 110397 D0000397 Local Master India
Agarwal, Sudhir K 110496 D0000496 Local Master India
Agarwal, Sushil 220027 UP000027 National Master India
Agarwal, Urmil 110322 D0000322 Local Master India
Agarwal, Vijay Krishna 220030 UP000030 National Master India
Agarwala, M P 110376 D0000376 New Entrant India
Agashe, Madhav K 420078 MN000078 New Entrant India
Aggarwal, Bina 401564 BM001564 New Entrant India
Aggarwal, P K 140013 PBA00013 New Entrant India
Aggarwal, Sudhir Gopal 110271 D0000271 Life Master India
Agrawal, Jitesh 480088 MP000088 Local Master India
Agrawal, Madhu 110524 D0000524 New Entrant India
Agrawal, Ramesh S 480257 MP000257 New Entrant India
Ahammed, Ali 988006 BAN&500058 Bangladesh
Ahirwar, Hemant 480821 MP000821 New Entrant India
Ahmed, Basheer 220260 UP000260 New Entrant India
Ahsanullah, A B M 988015 BAN01 Bangladesh
Ain, Sajal 700172 WB000172 New Entrant India
Airan, R P 240090 UTR00090 Local Master India
Akama, Keisuke 981002 JPN02 Japan
Al Bitar, Mais 996204 JOR&500089 Jordan
Al Mamun, Mohammad Maula 988007 BAN&500059 Bangladesh
Al Saket, Randa 996203 JOR&500065 Jordan
Alag, Navtej Singh 110519 D0000519 New Entrant India
Alam, AFM Nurul 988008 BAN&500054 Bangladesh
Alam, Manik 701364 WB001364 New Entrant India
Ali, Sharafat 220473 UP000473 New Entrant India
Alphonso, Ivan 400065 BM000065 Life Master India
Amin, Shirish 380324 GTA00324 Local Master India
Amist, Sanjay 220086 UP000086 New Entrant India
Anand, B L 110449 D0000449 Local Master India
Anand, G V 560009 KS000009 Senior Life Master India
Anand, Urvashi 110520 D0000520 New Entrant India
Anbazhagan, R 401539 BM001539 Master India
Andersson, Gunnar 946004 SWE18507 Sweden
Aneja, R K 220439 UP000439 Master India
Anklesaria, Ariz 380259 GTA00259 National Master India
Anklesaria, Keyzad 380261 GTA00261 Senior Life Master India
Appa Rao, M R G 610006 TM000006 Master India
Apte, Shrinivas V 401419 BM001419 New Entrant India
Apte, Shriniwas V 480160 MP000160 New Entrant India
Apteker, Alon 927001 RSA&500002 South Africa
Aronov, Viktor 935905 BUL&500000 Bulgaria
Arora, C L 240032 UTR00032 Local Master India
Arora, Deepak 110278 D0000278 New Entrant India
Arora, R K 300122 RJ000122 Senior Master India
Arvind, S P 110418 D0000418 India
Arya, S D 480344 MP000344 New Entrant India
Asbi, Taufik Gautama 962002 INA&500067 Indonesia
Asla, M S 140016 PBA00016 New Entrant India
Asulin, Adi 997205 ISR16490 Israel
Atha, Dilip 707371 WB007371 New Entrant India
Athavale, Milind P. 410016 PM000016 Senior Life Master India
Athavale, U V 400294 BM000294 Senior Master India
Auken, Sabine 949001 GER2106 Germany