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The entry fee for the various events is as follows:

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Events Entry Fee Deadlines Participants
Team of Four Gold 10,000 for 4 member team and 1,500 for additional member 2000 hrs, on 11th September 2017  
Team of Four Silver 7,000 for 4 member team and 1,000 for additional member 2000 hrs on 11th September 2017  
Note: In the Team of Four Gold and Silver events, the 16 teams qualified to play the KO stage will pay additional Rs. 3,000 per team.
Open MP Pairs 4,000 per pair 2000 hrs on 13th September 2017  
Swiss Pairs No entry fee for this event if the Pair has played in Open Pairs as Partners. For new entries, entry fee will be 1000 per pair. 2000 hrs on 14th September 2017  
IMP Pairs 2,000 per Pair 2000 hrs on 15th September 2017  
IMP Pairs Strata II 1,000 per pair 2000 hrs on 16th September 2017  
Note: There will be a 50% concession on entry fee to a team / Pair consisting of all under-30 players.
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